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I know that there are typos in the old comics... but if you see them on the colored ones, or somewhere on this page please let me know.

My name is Kimmo Lemetti and I live in finland. (that explains all the spelling errors and such)

Everything on these pages are copyrighted to me, Kimmo Lemetti (except link buttons, quest comics and fanart) and may not be used or copied without my permission.

This comic is a hobby... And I don't take it very seriously.

Mini FAQ:
Q: When did you start making No Point?
A: Summer 2003. Site came online 28 of july 2003.

Q: Where did you get the idea?
A: I started reading Real Life. After that I found RPG world and Machall, and got addicted to online comics. At first I was going to make fanart, but decided to make my own comic instead. (Pretty good reason to start your own comic, isnt it?)

Q: Is any of the characters based on you, or your friends. Or where did they come from?
A: (What friends? ;) ) Jim and Dave are loosely based on my personalities (I got three you know). Jim is always happy. Dave is like whatever. And Max was created basically to balance things a bit; the smart and intelligent one. He is not based on me.

Q: What's with the art style?
A: This came from the game worms :D I used to draw them kinda much, Then I started drawing humans and I kinda merged them together. And voilą, My own style. Only problem is that its kinda hard to draw girls with this style.

Q: Why is the plot so Weird?
A: I dont have a writer, I do this alone. Things can get a bit weird/confusing when theres no one telling you what you should draw :)

Q: Why do the jokes suck?
A: Its not allways easy to come up with great ideas. And some ideas are great, but are ruined by the terrible art (or somehow arent funny anymore after I put them on the page)

Q: Why is it only updated on sundays?
A: Because this way I can have alot time to work on the comic, And make it pretty. (or im just lazy)

Q: How do you make the comic?
A: Everything is made in photoshop with a Wacom tablet. I might make a quick tutorial on the progress someday.

Q: How long does it take to make one page?
A: About half an hour per panel, up to 2 hours per panel. So it kinda depends on my motivation and the concept of the panels.

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